Our main


01 Modern production

The new facilities, which were built in 2015, are designed in a way to give optimum support to the production process. 

02 Flexibility and short response time

With the help of our broad knowledge base we are able to implement changes in the shortest possible time and thus minimise the effect on the production process time.

03 More than 25 years of experience

A wide range of products, participation in different branches and the constant renewal of our machine park during the years have created a solid base for experience, which is used to ensure a high quality product in every aspect.  

04 Possibility of storing stock

Our facilities are equipped with a large warehouse, which is also available to our clients for stock keeping. 

05 Consistent product quality

When it comes to product quality, no compromises are made. Quality control is carried out in accordance with recommended standards and documented with corresponding reports.

06 Production according to drawings with suggestions for improvements

All products are custom made according to the technical drawing. Using our experience we advise possible changes and improvements to our customers that optimize the production process, shorten the delivery times and ensure the reqiured quality level. 

07 Additional processing

In cooperation with external partners we offer different surface treatments and other processes (zinc coating, galavnic processes, hardening etc.). 

08 Assembly

The customers can easily order assembled parts, since we carry out the process using our own assembly lines.